WildHomes - Help a Home Builder

Help Wild Londoners Build Their Own Homes

Around your Garden

Encourage wildlife into your garden by:

Garden to attract visitors

As you’d expect, this RHS link is a must for gardeners. It has a pollinators’ plant list, and an Urban Gardens section, with lots of tips specifically for city dwellers.

Learn about local habitats

The Wildlife Gardener website focuses on creating a habitat that’s really relevant for creatures living close-by, through careful attention to the flora and fauna of your local parks, ponds and woodlands.

Get the whole family involved

Wildlife Watchfeatures a useful selection of easy-to-follow activity plans. They are clearly illustrated and ideal for doing with kids.

Set yourself some goals

For example, you could count the number of birds, bumblebees or butterflies that visit your garden each week and see if you can improve your scores over time. Or how about getting ready now forWild About Gardens Week 24th-30th October?

For the Birds

You can provide building supplies for birds to help them build their own homes.Britishbirdlovers.co.uk suggests leaving the fur that you brush from your pets outside for them.

Long-tailed tits can use up to 2,000 feathers in each nest and in their effort to collect all the various materials, they will fly 600-700 miles!
A Robin Wild Londoner with structural tie material
A long-tailed tit WildBuilder collecting soft furnishings
A sparrow Wild Londoner hard at work
A blackbird WildBuilder with insulation